Day 1 – Americasmart January 2014

“Here we go again” a phrase often used by we exhibitors. It is always hard to believe when we all show up that’s it’s been 6 months since the last show. We watch each other’s lives slowly change. The wrinkles set in. We lose weight, we gain weight. I change my hair color. It all blends together but we have this second family and I think we know each other better than friends in our own home towns.

My husband (finally) Mark got here tonight (again, finally) and I couldn’t be happier! We are eating in the hotel again, but the food is so good and you can’t beat the drive home! I had sesame crusted Tofu with wild rice and chile glazed vegetables and I still felt decadent! Mark had a burger with some pretty incredible fries. The food runner asked which of us got the sesame crusted tofu, REALLY?!?!

So as for the show…
Good day. Very busy, lots of traffic. I’m still not quite done setting up – hoping to finish before the show closes.

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Set Up Day – Americasmart Winter 2014

After a late flight in to Atlanta last night, set up was a bit longer than I would have hoped for. But I consider myself lucky. With all of. The weather issues and flight cancellations this week, I had only slight delays and made it in time to get the booth done. Heather from Island Cowgirl had an interesting hotel issue. Pipes froze and she has video of the water raining into the lobby. When she and her husband left to set up they didn’t even know if they’d be able to stay at the hotel. It broke the sprinkler system making the hotel uninhabitable.

I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. The restaurant in the lobby is amazing. But I have to tell about my breakfast. Steel cut oatmeal with fresh berries and homemade whipped cream covered in lavender honey. Unbelievable!!!! The whipped cream was the consistency of soft butter. I’ve been off carbs for years and years and finally decided I’m old enough to start enjoying life’s little pleasures. Within reason.

Those of you coming to Americasmart, please stop by and say hi – see the gorgeous new pieces we’ve got for this spring. I’m so excited about the new groups. I’m wearing a piece from the Smoketree Blossom on Dusk Blue. It’s the kind of jewelry I’ve always wished that I could create and now that I have the most incredible team behind me, I can actually design the Jewelry that I’ve always loved.

I’m new at this but I’m trying to add a picture of the bar which is made of onyx. It’s gorgeous!

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2014 Show Season Is Underway for Shari Dixon Jewelry

Leaving Accessories the Show – one of the worst weather weeks we’ve seen in most of our lifetimes.  Accessories hasn’t been the highest attended show over the years.  As Shari Dixon, Inc. we did it sporadically.  We had a continuous booth as Four Seasons Design Group this time, with Silver Seasons and Julia Britell.  Fortunately, the weather did not keep the buyers away.  We were happy to see the attendance was strong and people were upbeat.

Since they’ve changed the Atlanta show (AmericasMart) to open the temporaries a day early, many from our company had a tight turnover.  I’m in LaGuardia airport right now waiting for my flight.  It’s 5:23 and the show closed at 4:00.  The behind the scenes madness of these back to back shows may not show due to our flawless execution (ok, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration).  I always watched in awe at the end of the Buyers Market as the exhibitors high tailed it out of there to get to the ACC show in Baltimore so they wouldn’t get fined for being late.

LaGuardia airpot is very crowded right now and it’s actually fun to be here.  They’ve really done a great job with the renovations and the restaurants make you feel like your in NY, but not at the airport.

I hear Atlanta hotels have been sold out for a while so we look forward to a strong show.

Looking forward to seeing all of my friends and customers.  Always good to see Bliss Home and Art, Out of the Box, Patina, Zinnia and of course Ed and Bill from The Farmhouse Store when they make it down to that show.

So many great restaurants down there.  I’ll keep y’all updated on those.


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Shari Dixon Joins Four Season Design Group

Shari Dixon is pleased to announce she is now a part of the Four Seasons Design Group’s Family of Nature.

It is a perfect fit and the collaboration will give Shari the manufacturing tools to realize her design vision and also utilize techniques that were previously difficult and time consuming at her present location.

Four Season Design GroupStay tuned for more beautiful designs and, as always, proudly Made in America.


The Shari Dixon Collection can be seen at the following shows.


Wholesale Online Gallery:

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Shari Dixon Introduces Spring 2013 Handmade Jewelry Designs

Shari Dixon Inc. Rice Flower Bezel Pendant on Silk Necklace

Shari Dixon continues her tradition of designing and producing stylish and affordable handmade jewelry derived from nature.

Her Spring 2013 additions to the collection includes rice flower on reversible handmade bezels designed by Shari herself.  Beautiful accent beads and necklace options such as snake-skin, leather and silk-cord provide a variety of chic looks.

Additionally, the new Spring 2013 designs include sago palm on bezel and white and yellow daisies in a rhodium bezel.  The later features square and rectangle pendants with a natural rough appearance.

The entire Shari Dixon Inc. collection of pressed flowers, leaves, botanicals and snakeskin jewelry can be seen and ordered via her retail website.   Wholesale inquires can be made through the wholesale website where resellers can preview pieces and request wholesale order gallery passwords.

Wholesale Buyers can also meet Shari, view the collection and order at one of many upcoming  2013 Shows beginning with AmericasMart Atlanta January 11-15th.

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Shari Dixon Jewelry to Offer College Colors in New Line.

Shari Dixon is widely known for her handmade jewelry derived from nature.  Pressed flowers, leaves and other natural media have made her designs bestsellers for years.Shari Dixon Jewelry Upcoming Designs to reflect Collegiate Colors

Relocating to the Southeast a few years back, the fever that is college sports was unavoidable to Shari.  After visiting some of her wholesale customers located in college towns she was inspired to bring her creativity to a new realm.  Team Pride!

Shari Dixon Jewelry’s upcoming additions will include a line of bezel pendant jewelry that maintains her trademark natural pressed botanical themes while exploring colors that represent some of the top colleges in the country.

A co-ed should be able to represent her school and team with style.  The jewelry will not contain logos or school names, but the color combinations will compliment the wearer’s school spirit attire on game-day or at post game activities.

The new “team pride” jewelry group will be marketed to shops, boutiques and college stores and should be available in the 1st quarter of 2013.   A sneak peek at several of the new designs can be seen on the Shari Dixon Wholesale Website

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Jewelry Designer Shari Dixon Releases 2013 Winter Show Schedule

Bezel on Cuff Bracelet

Designer and President of Shari Dixon Inc., Shari Dixon has released her 2013 Winter Show Schedule.

Wholesale buyers can view and order from the Shari Dixon Collection of Handmade Jewelry Derived from Nature, as well as meet the artist in person.

The Winter schedule begins January 11th at the AmericasMart Atlanta showcase.

Shari will return to the ACRE Orlando show on January 19th and at the New York International Gift Fair on January 26th.  The first round of shows will conclude in Philadelphia on February 15th at the Buyer’s Market of American Craft show.

Booth numbers and wholesale password requests available at the Shari Dixon website.

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Accessories The Show in New York Next Buyer Opportunity for Shari Dixon Jewelry

Accessories the Show, NYC 2012

Photo Courtesy ATS

Javit’s Center in Manhattan, NY is the venue for the 2012 Accessories The Show wholesale buyer’s expo.

The Event runs from August 5-7 9AM-6PM Sunday & 9AM-4PM Tuesday.

Artist and designer, Shari Dixon will continue the roll-out of her 2012 Fall Designs. Shari Dixon handmade jewelry features natural botanicals such as pressed flowers, leaves and herbs in bezel pendants and natural shell. Daring mixed-media featuring natural and dyed python snakeskin and serape mexican blanket complement the collection.

Among the New Additions for Fall 2012 are Barberry Plant, Pepper Plant, Maidenhair Fern, and Red Fern. These and other pieces can be seen at Booth #2123. The complete collection is available online to verified wholesalers at

Retail customers can purchase in early fall from retailers nationwide or by visiting

All jewelry is handmade in the USA at the Shari Dixon studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Shari Dixon Jewelry at AmericasMart Atlanta June 13-17

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia at night

Photo courtesy of J. Swaford via stock.xchng

The taxi ride from Hartsfield Airport to the hotel can sometimes take longer than the flight from Memphis to Atlanta, Georgia!

That doesn’t stop handmade jewelry designer, Shari Dixon from making the trek twice a year to showcase her latest designs at AmericasMart.  As one of the largest buyer shows in the country housing over 4000 permanent showrooms and hundreds of temporary show booths, like Shari Dixon Inc., AmericasMart is where savvy buyers find the latest in design and fashion for the upcoming season. The July 13-17 International Gift Market date is no exception.

Shari Dixon will showcase her “derived from nature” jewelry collection highlighting exciting designs for Fall 2012. Buyers can view and order beautiful handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings featuring natural botanicals such as pressed flowers and leafs.

Shari Dixon will be located in her new booth location:  Building 3 2nd Floor Booth #216  For more information on becoming a reseller of Shari Dixon Jewelry visit or call (901) 752-4747.

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Shari Dixon Fall 2012 Jewelry Designs Released on Wholesale Site

We are barely into summer and temps have already breached 100°F here in Memphis, Tennessee!

Despite the heat, it’s not too early to begin thinking about Fall Fashion, especially for resellers.  Buyer shows have kicked off and now Shari Dixon has unveiled her additions for Fall 2012 to her Wholesale Customers via

Pepper Plant Long Rectangle Bezel on Leather Necklace by Shari Dixon Inc.

Pepper Plant Leather Necklace

Expanding her popular bezel collection, the Fall 2012 designs focus on this pendant style.  New for Fall are barberry plant, maidenhair fern, pepper plant and red fern.  A variety of bezel shapes, sizes and new combinations grace the new groups including a new “long rectangle” bezel in the pepper plant group (shown).

In addition to the new groups, Shari is now offering her every bezel group in round and square bezel cuff bracelets.  With three sizes of each the cuff bracelet collection consists of over 130 different choices!

Bezel Cuff Bracelets featuring real pressed botanicals by Shari Dixon Inc.

Pressed Botanicals in Bezels on Adjustable Cuff Bracelets

Buyer’s can preview the designs at and follow the link to receive password access to the entire order gallery.  The new designs will also be available to users of soon and retail customers will be able to shop the Fall 2012 designs online at in the coming month.

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