2014 Show Season Is Underway for Shari Dixon Jewelry

Leaving Accessories the Show – one of the worst weather weeks we’ve seen in most of our lifetimes.  Accessories hasn’t been the highest attended show over the years.  As Shari Dixon, Inc. we did it sporadically.  We had a continuous booth as Four Seasons Design Group this time, with Silver Seasons and Julia Britell.  Fortunately, the weather did not keep the buyers away.  We were happy to see the attendance was strong and people were upbeat.

Since they’ve changed the Atlanta show (AmericasMart) to open the temporaries a day early, many from our company had a tight turnover.  I’m in LaGuardia airport right now waiting for my flight.  It’s 5:23 and the show closed at 4:00.  The behind the scenes madness of these back to back shows may not show due to our flawless execution (ok, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration).  I always watched in awe at the end of the Buyers Market as the exhibitors high tailed it out of there to get to the ACC show in Baltimore so they wouldn’t get fined for being late.

LaGuardia airpot is very crowded right now and it’s actually fun to be here.  They’ve really done a great job with the renovations and the restaurants make you feel like your in NY, but not at the airport.

I hear Atlanta hotels have been sold out for a while so we look forward to a strong show.

Looking forward to seeing all of my friends and customers.  Always good to see Bliss Home and Art, Out of the Box, Patina, Zinnia and of course Ed and Bill from The Farmhouse Store when they make it down to that show.

So many great restaurants down there.  I’ll keep y’all updated on those.


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