Day 1 – Americasmart January 2014

“Here we go again” a phrase often used by we exhibitors. It is always hard to believe when we all show up that’s it’s been 6 months since the last show. We watch each other’s lives slowly change. The wrinkles set in. We lose weight, we gain weight. I change my hair color. It all blends together but we have this second family and I think we know each other better than friends in our own home towns.

My husband (finally) Mark got here tonight (again, finally) and I couldn’t be happier! We are eating in the hotel again, but the food is so good and you can’t beat the drive home! I had sesame crusted Tofu with wild rice and chile glazed vegetables and I still felt decadent! Mark had a burger with some pretty incredible fries. The food runner asked which of us got the sesame crusted tofu, REALLY?!?!

So as for the show…
Good day. Very busy, lots of traffic. I’m still not quite done setting up – hoping to finish before the show closes.

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